CLC Diwibala

CLC Diwibala is a series of  “Technical Assistance programmes” to provide required technical knowledge/ skills for the CLC Wasana clientele island wide.

Under the key objectives of this project, CLC Diwibala will act as a succession of comprehensive workshops to educate our micro finance clients about potential occupational opportunities while providing them with the required technical knowledge, assistance and real-time training prospects.

This project is also aimed at promoting and empowering the Sri Lankan Women entrepreneurship. These workshops will encourage them to start their own businesses or to further improve and to expand their ongoing businesses.

CLC has designed this programme with the expectation of conducting at least one programme within one geographical location. Accordingly, the initial plan of CLC has been able to successfully cover almost 31 selected locations with multiple diverse expertise programs conducted with the collaboration of industrial experts related to each of the specialized fields. The project is now moving forward with utmost success island wide.