CLC Green

CLC Green is a sustainability project with the launch of an island-wide Schools Tree Planting Programme. The programme is part of a wider Sustainability Campaign implemented by the LOLC Group, under its Sustainability Committee.

The ultimate goal of the project is to conserve the Sri Lankan biodiversity and natural echo system in creating a greener Sri Lanka whilst raising the living standards of the Lankans in term of healthier natural surroundings. The first step of this comprehensive programme will yield 1000 tree plantations in 60 to 100 identified schools in all 25 districts within Sri Lanka.

This project is planned with the purpose of promoting the habit of tree planting and to raise awareness on deforestation and its impact to Sri Lanka amongst the school children. Through this initiative CLC is looking forward to educate the Sri Lanka’s future generation about the importance of safeguarding our environment and also to empower the children to handle certain responsibilities on taking care of the trees.

CLC has tangled their 66 branches island-wide in escalating the green initiatives smoother. Accordingly, a branch by branch programme has been drawn up to implement the programme at district and division levels throughout the country.

The first phase of the CLC Green Schools Tree Planting Programme was launched at Royal College Pollonaruwa on 16th of October 2018.

A wide variety of Hundred trees inclusive of fruit plants such as Guava and Mangoes were planted with the collaboration and the extensive support of the School Principal, staff and students. All the plants are being assigned among few chosen students and it was made their responsibility to take care of the plant until they pass out.

At the completion of the first phase of the project best performers will be presented with the CLC Green Award for their outstanding efforts and contribution. CLC Green also intends to select the Best School amongst the Schools and the Best Branch amongst CLC branch network.