CLC Salary Saver

Enjoy a convenient and hassle free salary management process offered by CLC Salary Saver Accounts to companies & their employees. CLC will take care of your salary management process from opening accounts to crediting the salaries into respective accounts backed by a fully automated system.

Features & Benefits for the account holders

  • Free international ATM/Debit card.
  • Free Online service/mobile App.
  • Access to all the VISA ATMs island wide free of cost.
  • Attractive interest rate
  • No hassle of maintaining a monthly average balance required as in the case of a normal ordinary savings account
  • No fee for utility bill payments/Mobile reloads.
  • No fee for Standing Order facilities.
  • No fee for SLIPS / CEFTS transfers.

Features & Benefits for the company

  • Standby facility and use same for salary payments, in case of cash flow issues.
  • Less hassle, no need to handle cash.
  • No cash transportation risk, Save time and resources.
  • Easy to maintain records, execute salary advances, festival advances etc.
  • Can improve the savings habit of employees.
  • Can streamline the internal loan schemes and collection process.
  • Transfer of salaries to the employees accounts at no cost

We Offer Savings Accounts For Different Age Categories:

  • CLC Savings Account – 18 to 60 years.
  • CLC Senior Citizens Account – Over 60 years.
  • CLC Children’s Savings Account – Below 18 years
  • CLC Salary Saver account – Above 18 years

Features & Benefits :

  • A high interest rate regardless of the balance available in your account.
  • Easy access through VISA ATM Network locally & globally
  • Initial ATM Debit card will be issued free of charge.
  • Free SMS alerts for all transactions
  • Initial deposit as low as LKR 1,000/=.
  • Free online facility 24/7 via “CLC Online”
  • Standing Order Facility.
  • SLIPS ( Sri Lanka Interbank Payment System ) Facility.
  • CEFTS (Lanka Clear’s Common Electronic Fund Transfer System) to transfer funds instantly to other financial institutions without any cost