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Commercial Factors

Commercial Factors, CLC’s factoring arm, was established in 1994 and the operation was branded as “Commercial Factors” in 2006. Since 1994 over a period of 20 years, Commercial Factors has developed an unparalleled expertise in factoring operations in Sri Lanka, becoming one of the best and most reputed working capital and receivable management service providers in the country.

Our expertise lies with designing working capital facilities specifically to support the needs of the emerging SME sector. We are happy to announce that our factoring services have created a highly effective source of working capital financing for the SME sector, contributing towards SME financial sustainability and growth.

Through our Commercial Factoring unit, we offer our clients the opportunity to obtain cash for account receivables such as credit invoices. It is a service that would strengthen working capital bases without being constricted to cash flow issues.

Our services can be obtained by any of the CLC branches located island-wide. Further Commercial Factors has fully fledged factoring branches in Pettah, Kandy and Rajagiriya.

    Creating alternate solutions

  • Factoring is an alternative to temporary overdrafts to fulfil your immediate cash requirements.
  • We take over your headache of debt collection.
  • You can outsource your sales ledger administration to us and supervise all transactions through ‘Infinity’, our online service.
  • We will take care of your debtor post-dated cheques and you will be free of Cheque Management.
  • Get your buyer evaluated by our expert team – your buyer may already be within our existing debtor base of 10,000 debtors. Get a free reference before you sell on credit. If not we can still provide you the service of ‘Debtor Evaluation’ which will save you from exposing yourselves to a bad debtor. – SALE IS NOT FINALISED UNTIL THE PAYMENT IS MADE -

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