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Diminishing Musharakah (Project/Property Finance & Working Capital): is a partnership, which ultimately provides complete ownership to a partner for the purchase of shares of another partner by a redeeming mechanism agreed upon by both partners. Applying this mechanism to property financing, we enter into a partnership with the client in order to purchase property, thereby having a de-facto common ownership of it. Periodically, the client will purchase a pre-agreed percentage of our share of the property, thereby increasing the client's ownership of the property and reducing our share by a similar amount. The ownership of the entire property will be passed on to the client upon successful completion of the agreed term. IBD of CLC will join hands with you in providing the financial support you require to initiate your business venture right from its inception. The Diminishing Musharakah is a versatile financial instrument which can be and is being applied in a wide variety of business forms all over the world. This is ideally suited for:

  • Property Purchase - Vehicle / Equipment / Machinery
  • Working Capital Finance