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Mudharabah (Profit-Sharing Investments)is an agreement made between two parties, an Investor (e.g. Fund provider/depositor) and an entrepreneur (e.g. Fund manager/ CLC) This enables the entrepreneur to carry out business projects with the profits derived from these business projects are shared between the Investor and the entrepreneur on a pre-determined ratio agreed by both parties. Commercial Leasing & Finance PLC., which is rated (SL) A by ICRA Lanka Ltd., and a subsidiary of Lanka ORIX Leasing Company PLC. Islamic Business Division offers a range of ethical Shari'ah compliant Investment options described below.

Mudharabah Term Deposit:

Long term investment plans starting from 1 month up to 60 months, with Profit Share Ratios between the Investor and the Fund Manager as per the Mudharabah Investment Agreement. Whilst we offer a Mudharabah Investment Certificate, the profit payments are offered on Monthly, Annual or Maturity basis.

    A flexible investment account which offers:

  • Mudharabah Savings Pass book,
  • Internationally accessible ATM/Debit Card (accessible from any Commercial Bank ATM machine island wide OR any MAESTRO Network)
  • Ez-pay facility for mobile-banking.
PSR for Mudharabah General/ Corporate Category
Term Investor PSR % *
- Monthly Annually Maturity
1 N/A N/A 45
3 45 N/A 47
6 47 N/A 50
12 52 N/A 55
24 55 57 59
36 57 59 61
48 59 61 63
60 61 63 65

Note: PSR for Senior Citizen will be 5% higher than the General Category

PSR for Mudharabah Saving Accounts
Category Investor PSR %
General 35
Minor 45
Senior Citizen 40